Our expertise is well placed in railways infrastructure engineering which includes (but not limited to) Railway Systems Requirements (using model-based systems engineering approach), Signalling (conventional and digital), Telecommunications (FTN and GSM-R), Track, Electrification engineering and Asset Management.  We understand the vital need for infrastructure upgrade, renewal, systems integration and assurance and can reinstate the operational railway to reduce maintenance commitments.

Signalling Design

1. Non Conceptual Design (NCD)
2. Functionally Equivalent Design (FED)

Signalling Layout Risks Assessments

1. Minimum Signalling Braking Distance (MSBD) Calculations
2. Minimum Deceleration Distance (MDD) Calculations
3. TPWS Effectiveness Calculations
4. Signal Overrun Risk Assessment (SORA)

GRIP Output Documents

1. Feasibility study report
2. ​Signalling layout assessment report 
3. Scheme plans review report
4. Signal overrun risk assessment report 

Model-based Requirement Engineering

1. Signalling standards
2. Preliminary and final project specifications
3. Functional and Non-functional requirement specifications
4. Signalling design briefs and specification
5. Testing requirement specification


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